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  • Blockchain companies are known for their innovation but may not have the market visibility they need to realize their vision.

  • Our Blockchain Advisory services create blockchain-specific marketing plans to sustainably grow your business and enhance your image.

  • The result is increased visibility to sell your idea, raise capital, and attract clients and customers.

  • Because the Blockchain Technology industry is relatively young, there is a limited network of experts who know the challenges – and solutions – that blockchain companies face.

  • At Blockchain Agility, we’ve developed deep relationships within the community that we leverage to benefit our clients’ growing business needs.

  • As a client, we introduce you to globally respected business partners, exchanges, and advisors to get the expert financial, engineering, operations, and legal advice you need to enhance your business growth.

  • Whether you just have an idea or an existing company, you’ll need to invest in a solid infrastructure to handle all the operational issues a young company faces.

  • Our team of advisors will analyze your business and recommend the right business structure, leadership, and technology functions you’ll need to build a firm foundation.

  • By implementing the right structure and leadership, you’ll take your business from idea to reality, with the right systems and people to guide its growth.

  • Blockchain technology companies have been historically plagued by compliance issues that affected the growth of the entire industry.

  • Our advisory practice is diligent in adhering to compliant funding, structuring, compensation and offerings to remove any barriers to growth for our clients.

  • As a client, you can trust that our rigorous standards ensure that you get the funding you need that meets all federal regulatory standards.

  • At its core, Blockchain technology is a disruptive force that is changing the way the world does business.

  • Our advisory services include design, development and implementation of your tokenized offerings, smart contract auditing, technical whitepapers, and professional guidance to grow your engineering team.

  • As a client, you’ll receive expert guidance to design and deploy leading edge technology that revolutionizes your industry.

  • The key to growing a blockchain company is not just the right technology, but having the leadership to guide that technology to success.

  • Our strategic strength lies in tapping our network to match you with the experts you need for the C-Suite, engineering, and marketing functions you’ll need for successful growth.

  • You’ll benefit by having the right people, in the right place, at the right price, with the right knowledge to grow your exceptional company.

Core Team

Patrick T Murphy is Founder and CEO of Blockchain Agility. Patrick’s focus has been building teams to successfully harness emerging and leading-edge technologies. A firm believer in empowering individuals and organizations through decentralized solutions, he has a passion for all things blockchain.  Patrick has a wealth of experience in consulting, project management, and recruiting C-Level executives, developers, and advisors in the blockchain space. 

CEO & Co-Founder


Mark Piccini, Co-Founder & COO experience in business operations, consulting and executive search. He has assisted small to medium size businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies, in establishing customized process, policies and procedures, as well as started three successful firms of his own. His knowledge in blockchain, gaming and aerospace has made him a valuable resource for a company looking to accomplish their growth plan. Mark supports projects by identifying potential partners, as well as professionals, for the development of the initiative’s technology platforms. He acts as Project Manager overseeing the project’s administrative responsibilities and assists with the fundraising effort to investors.  A graduate of Bowling Green State University, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, coaching youth baseball and lacrosse, and playing ice hockey.

COO & Co-Founder


Mr. James Whelan, Chief Technology Officer of various companies, has three decades of history working in information technology, software, and services industry. He is a dedicated and certified professional in Scrum, DevOps, agile methodologies and project management. Serving the enterprise market to produce value by helping to make effective software products that millions of people use to solve business problems. He has a strong information technology and business background with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Deploying permissioned blockchain distributed ledgers to solve business problems unattainable with centralized databases. Mr. Whelan is a Hyperledger event organizer for South Florida and serves as an advisor to several blockchain projects.



As the Director of Blockchain Resourcing, Matt brings over 14 years of executive search experience ranging from Fortune 500 firms to small to medium companies and startups. Information Technology verticals include: Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptonomics; along with strong Accounting & Finance exposure. Whether it is building a team of blockchain developers from the ground up or finding a highly talented Fintech CTO a new firm to call home, Matt has a successful track record of uncovering the “needle in the haystack” for clients.  Matt graduated from the University of Colorado and in his spare moments enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, coaching youth ice hockey, playing ice hockey and skiing.

Director of Strategic Blockchain Resourcing



Mr. Restis has over a decade of solving complex, multi-district, and multi-party legal issues. He recovered over two hundred million dollars in value for clients and helped change the law to protect them. His litigation acumen provides unique insights for business clients for the contracts they sign, and the deals they make.  His ultimate goal is to anticipate those problems and avoid them, all while providing strategic guidance to help clients grow their business.  As a business owner himself, as well as a startup angel investor, he has had the pleasure of serving as general counsel for two technology start-ups.  His clients can rely on him to navigate issues such as securities, fundraising, and regulatory compliance.  Mr. Restis is licensed and admitted in all state and federal courts in California, but regularly practices throughout the United States through an experienced network of local counsel.

Senior Legal Strategy Advisor



Our Mission

We partner with evolving blockchain companies to ensure sustainable, compliant growth